3 Rooms and a hall for $99 - Deodorizing, spot treating and steam cleaning included.

Urine Removal Process


Do you ever Wonder Why?…

Why is urine and odor so hard to remove?

Urine and odors can be tricky to remove, even for professionals.

To simplify; urine left untreated not only goes into your carpet fibers, but to the padding and even the sub-floor as well.As the urine dries, the urine crystals remain in the carpet. This is what makes it difficult to remove. 



                     Our Cleaning Process:


We use a special black light to pin point the exact spot where urine is located. Some odor causing urine stains cannot be seen with the naked eye. With a black light, we can see exactly where they are.

We then allow the chemical to dwell. Usually between 20 to 30 minutes to liquefy the urine salts.

After removal, we do the same process with an enzyme treatment. Enzymes will eat the organic compound that causes the urine smell.We then pre-treat the stain with an acidic pre-spray specially designed to break down and liquefy urine salts.

We then use our powerful truck-mounted equipment to extract the urine as best as possible using a water claw.

Our guarantee


Unfortunately, no company can guarantee 100% removal or urine or odor smells. Our success rate on urine and odor removal is 75 to 80 percent, which is much higher than most companies.  We can guarantee

Call today to see how we can help you. (832) 889-1868 this, though: We will do our absolute best to remove as much urine as possible. We put TLC in every cleaning we do, no matter how big or small.

Prices vary depending on the area size of the pet stains.